Name's Chris. Chris Redfield. BSAA.

Former AIR FORCE and S.T.A.R.S. member of Alpha team.

I'm here to help protect the weak... I can't keep running away.

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Everything from your basic demons to your crazed cultists, yeah.

The fuck you hunting? I thought you were in counter terrorism.

Already talking about cultists and I haven’t even had my scotch yet. This is why I shouldn’t have opened my laptop.

The BSAA is meant to neutralize BOW situations, and resolve biological outbreaks.

Such as these. Lickers.


Sorry, I just count your work generic since there’s a fucktrillion different organizations in the world for counter terrorism.

I hunt shit that goes bump in the night.

So you hunt monsters. Glad to know we both hunt strange monsters.

But I’m guessing you’re one of those supernatural types of hunters.



I do shit kinda like that. Just not generic.

'Round here in these dern parts, we call it huntin'.

Not generic. Now I’m wondering just what you do, or how.

Hunting doesn’t really narrow it down, considering the people I’ve met.


I wish.

After the breathing exercises and number counting failed, the doc suggested enough tranquilizers to knock out a horse. But I hate the taste. I guess that’s probably a good thing.


Too bad. I saved the picture. 

So, what do you do? You a stripper or something?

Remind me to never Google search my self.

No. I work for the B.S.A.A.  The Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. A real mouthful.


Should I mention I got a brother named Vergil? My parents had a dry sense of humor.

I thought we weren’t gonna talk about the booty-shorts?

Your parents had an interesting taste in names, that’s for sure.

I’m just stating a fact.

But seriously, I’d rather forget that whole ordeal. Never again.



Would this be you, Chris?


Nice legs, buttercup.

Name’s Dante.

How, and where, was this left lying… Who put this— Damn it.

We don’t talk about the sailor outfit.

Nice name. I prefer Dante over Silver Fox. Reminds me of the book.

… And you know I look fantastic in that thing.


Maybe,. If your name sounds dumb, then yeah.

Gimme yours and I’ll give you mine.

My name is Chris Redfield.

Now you’re turn, so called silver Fox.




exstarschris started following you

Well hey there, stud muffin.

Hey there, uh… I’m sorry but, stud muffin?

Call me Silver Fox.

Yes. Stud muffin. Bear with me now, I’m out of practice.

Interesting thing to call someone.

I have a feeling that even if I told you my name, you’d still call me that.

Chris hoisted his massive pack over one shoulder. Staring up at his apartment. It’d been empty for some time now. Almost felt foreign to even be home. Never the less, the BSAA agent worked his way up.

"Home sweet home. I’m back."

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So I was testing out the taunts in RE6 Mercenaries….



There’s Chris.

*brunt voice, arms crossed* “Never had a mission so easy.”

Okay, not bad.

Then Piers.

*lowers head, points finger* “You’re dealing with pros, here!”

Excellent! I like it!

So Jake’s…

*lazily throws arm* “Heh, all too easy.”

Nope. Nope. Nope. Do not rip off the Chris Redfield.

Sherry’s next:

*hands on hips, sassy leg weight shift* “I’m tougher than I look.”

Very, very true.

And now Helena.

*hand on hip, looks to side* “This is a waste of time!”

The most appropriate taunt here. You go, Helena.

Here come’s Ada’s…

*Hand to hip, head tilt* “Aww, that was no fun.”

Sassy and sarcastic at the same time. Approved.

Ooh, Carla’s:

*sensual turn and hip shift* “I’ll see you…” *extra sensual motion, points* “…dead.

~_-  >_<

And then Agent’s.

*crouches low, arms forward, and gestures* “Come to daddy.

…..okay, I admit it. so turned on right now….


I came to Leon’s….

*opens arms* “Check, and mate, buddy!” *shoulder/arm toss*



No. Absolutely not. Leon, get out of here with that shit right now.


He is ashamed. 

( Damn. Guess who got caught. All of us were just given an ear full, cause everyone was hanging over my shoulder to watch me do tumblr instead of do work. I’ll try and be back later. )